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Praise for Wild About Wellness

Sometimes, in this crazy busy world, we all need a little guidance. Simone is well connected to the energies around us. This talent gives her objective insight into our issues and problems that we may not be able to deal with on our own. Simone’s guidance over the last few years has helped me through quite a few of life’s challenges. I feel her non-judgemental approach has not only provided but allowed the healing process to begin and continue with ease and grace. It is because of Simone’s inspiration and guidance that I have become the person I am today…strong and able to face my challenges with renewed energy and insight. Thank you!

Simone can get right to the heart of the matter in her coaching sessions. She speaks from her own experience and is able to take the information that she has gained through her own studies and re frame it to help your situation. Simone is always willing to help someone overcome their roadblocks to success. Her style is fun, non threatening and empowering. She believes in you to the point where you start to believe in yourself. Simone is so passionate about what she does, you can’t help but be too.


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