Written by Joy Seunarine

What a time of craziness this is. What is outside, external to us is out of our control. Now more than ever it is imperative that we find ways to come home to ourselves. Wherever you go there you are.

Listening to your body is a vital tool in this journey. The news shows much human misery. This is not footage from history, this is present day, here and now reality. If you are not Ukrainian or Russian you most likely have clients, friends and, neighbors bearing the immediate impact of this war. There is also the unpredictability of escalating war efforts which will affect everyone.

Closer to home many have endured divisions within families, friendships and communities from the arguments around the management of the pandemic. Even if we haven’t had an immediate death from Covid, we have all endured myriad losses.  I often hear these sentiments: “I can’t wait for things to return to ‘normal’. I can’t wait for something to happen that will settle things down”.  However, too much energy spent looking outside of ourselves hoping and waiting robs us of the opportunity to find peace within.

How can we call our energy back to ourselves? What are some beacons that bring us back to self? I’d like to share a few examples.

Recently my mom and I visited my uncle, Mom‘s brother, and my cousin, Helen. Helen is a tenderhearted, gentle loving person.   As my mom ages and her mind is slowing down the frequency and consistency of Helen and who she is never fails to register with my mom. I witness my Mom becoming more alert as Helen engages with her.  I have noticed in this stage of dementia that there are certain people who have a way of being with mom that awakens something in her; Helen is one such person.

Being engaged and fully present, as Helen demonstrates, is something we can do for ourselves first and then to others. As you imagine turning your full presence and engagement within, notice what happens. How does your body respond? Treat yourself as the object of your love.

Loving touch is another beacon back to self. I work at Sunnybrook Veteran’s Centre caring for the elderly with my unique brand of gentle touch. I see these veterans weekly for short periods of time. The frequency and consistency of these visits is an anchor for them. In this setting the physical benefits of massage are overshadowed by the human connection of touch. Several years ago one of my clients became quite ill. He was rushed to the acute care center and, had a pacemaker put in. His  physical health improved. However the shock and lack of control in his care did a number on him. He did not remember me. He did not remember my massages. He was confused and disoriented. He nonchalantly consented to receiving a massage. The touch evoked something familiar. Slowly he recognized my face, he recognized my touch. I gradually noticed his breathing becoming more measured, he made eye contact, he engaged with me.  This was his usual response. Massage offered a beacon back to himself.

In this time of heartbreak upon heartbreak both in our personal lives and in our global community, how can you come home to yourself and to others. I believe the number one self care target is finding peace within.  I gave a few examples of this and there are many more. For example,  Meditation, walks in nature, Emotional Freedom Technique, visiting a trusted friend,  and breaking bread together with loved ones are possible ways to  do this. Someone is waiting for you…. It is you.

About Joy

Joy is a registered massage therapist for over 30 years. She has been teaching people classes on how to Listen to Their Body and the 4 Steps to Joy for 3 years now. She is now integrating all her knowledge and skills to step into this work teaching embodiment practices through coaching programs, classes and single sessions. Joy is passionate about supporting people to integrate their physical bodies with their spiritual, emotional and energetic aspects of self.

Joy believes that when we become a master gardener of our internal landscape, everything changes. She offers treatment sessions, coaching sessions and on-going coaching programs. Joy offers her compassion, her warmth, and her listening ear to reach out and support you on your journey.

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