Written by Danielle Joworski

It seems like an oxymoron; being invisible to become more visible.

In a culture where FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) runs rampant and digital marketing seems to be teaching that more is better … more emails, more posts, focusing on pain points more … it might seem risky and illogical to take a “less is more” approach to visibility.

Two instances this summer are examples of how being invisible made me more visible.

It all started with a visibility challenge I ran this summer. Yep – a challenge when so many business owners are unplugging on vacation, or just unplugging to enjoy the first ‘real’ summer in a few years.

To back it up a step, the idea for a summer visibility challenge was ignited following a few conversations with fellow women entrepreneurs about marketing strategies we weren’t aligning with any longer.

With a mindset that there’s always more than one way to achieve the same goal, my years of continuous improvement training shifted into high gear to answer the following question:

How can I be visible without being visible?

The ideas flowed from that question. And all the elements of the challenge were created with more ease + flow, and a whole lot more fun because the goal was to help other women become more visible in a way that works for them, guided by me being visible to them in a way that works for me.

The results were not expected and were very surprising.

A typical email marketing open rate (when someone clicks on your email to open it and see it for any amount of time) is just over 20%. Yes, that’s considered a really good conversion. During my visibility challenge where I was invisible, my open rates started at 70% and soared to over 90%.


The second instance where I was invisible but became more visible, was after I broke my foot in July. Talk about a sign to (literally) stop, take a break, and put my feet up.

Webinars I had planned were deleted from the calendar. A launch originally set for September is now a figment of the imagination. I did less, literally. Sitting in my backyard, enjoying the warm weather, listening to music + more, and not feeling guilty about it.

I seemingly took a break from social. I loaded up my CRM with content, shared about my foot on social, and then just let go.

I was on a break because of a break when opportunities to be visible showed up.

People showed up and became visible to me. My air cast was like a beacon and a good conversation starter. I got to have few but focused + fascinating conversations with people because of being immobile at events, getting to know others more deeply than I probably would have if I’d been mobile and freer to roam. DMs rolled in with good wishes from others, some I hadn’t seen or heard from in years.


The takeaway learned from all this as I started to walk without my air cast, then started back driving, was a strong reminder that it’s okay to take breaks. Not just little breaks and short times away, but big breaks and physically removing myself from the day-to-day.

People won’t disappear. Ideal opportunities won’t pass by.

People will appear. Ideal opportunities will wait until you’re ready.


  • taking a break
  • giving myself a break
  • and breaking away from the idea that I ‘have to’ be everywhere and all the time

I was reminded that it’s actually a good thing. It reminded me that sometimes, being invisible is actually what’s needed to create the space for the right people, opportunities, and fun to appear.

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