The article was written by Sheilagh Mercer

When I write, is it through inspiration or an intuitive nudge? And how do I sense the difference between them?

I have not journaled very much ( up until now). The question is, where did that inspiration come from? How was a thought divinely inspired? For myself, I get curious. Did a thought suddenly come out of nowhere?

I begin a self-inquiry by asking myself what that thought feels like. Did that thought feel spontaneous? Was it a great feeling or uncomfortable?
Did I suddenly get a wonderful feeling when picking a color for a drawing? Did I follow that feeling intuitively?

I invite you to ask yourself the following questions. When is a thought intuitive or inspired?

  • Where did that thought come from?
  • Did that thought come out of the blue?
  • When you got a thought, what were you doing at the time?
  • What was the quality of that thought?
  • Did you feel inspired by it or pumped?
  • How did it feel? Did it feel great and exciting or feel uncomfortable?
  • If it was inspiring, did you intuitively follow it?
  • Did you ask your body ( or spiritual source ) a series of questions?

When I ask questions, I set an intention that I only get divine answers from my God-Source, the highest good of all. If I have a thought that felt uncomfortable, or that tweaked my curiosity, I find it helpful to ask questions and to sit with it to find the source. I will use muscle testing to gain insights as I trust my body never lies.

When a thought is born right out of the blue’, that is the kind of thought I trust most. Intuitive messages can be like strong knowledge and I will feel divinely guided. It is hard to explain when I am divinely inspired, but what I can say is when those thoughts/visions come spontaneously, I trust them most of all. When I sense the thought/idea has come straight from the Divine, I embrace it.

I know my perception can influence intuition. I consider muscle testing for validation and inquire if it is related to the Akash ( access to a universal library). Do I act on it? Not right away. I would rather sit with it and use some self-inquiry.

If a thought feels off or uncomfortable, that’s the time to get curious about it. I will test the thought by asking my body only to receive divine answers. Do you have a sense of knowing divine guidance? It can be just that you know that you know, PERIOD.

How do you feel about what is intuition vs. inspiration? Great questions help with clarity; however, I still muscle test with my own body for validation (knowing my body does not lie).

Right now I am following Alberto Villoldo’s “Grow a New Body” detox. I was reflecting as I neared the end of a mild detox. The month-long detox started with a twenty-one-day preparedness protocol with my body in mild Ketosis.  I then prepared to head into deep Ketosis and seven-day detox. I kept a journal to record my journey and read aloud a decree of Archangel Micheal to protect my being. I was also guided to approach a practitioner, Richard Leach because I needed to know how to provide protection for myself. As simple as that. Lol, not so simple.

I feel inspiration and intuition are the same. How about you? This was my process, and the bonus is I am 16 lbs lighter, off sugar, gluten, dairy, and most meats, with chicken, fish, and eggs now and then. I look forward to having lots of veggies and fruit as my journey continues.

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