Written by Lois Lenarduzzi

Christmas begins when I hear the carols blasting in the stores and the seasonal decorations arrive on the shelves in mid-November.

You’re either the one who rolls their eyes and mumbles distaste under your breath or you’re the one clapping a yippee in anticipation.

Frankly, I go both ways, especially since Covid arrived on the planet’s doorstep almost three years ago. This mysterious virus, I believe, simplified humanity’s addiction to running at warped speed, especially here in the western hemisphere. It created a worldwide time-out for many of us. We were able to walk, read, meditate, study, binge-watch, and actually sit down with the family for a home-cooked meal. It shone a light (like the Star of Bethlehem) on our priorities and those that gave our lives real meaning.

Today, as we navigate the post-pandemic terrain, people remark that they’ve once again boarded the crazy train to Go Go Go – Do Do Do. Yep, this sounds all too familiar of a habit, and we all are guilty of drinking that Koolaid (hot chocolate?)  Many have remarked on their soul’s longing for more solitude, quiet, fun, and me/free time.

Poking back into the past, as we often do at this time of year, I’m going to declare that Covid gifted me in many ways.

In June 2020, I was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour on my face.  It started as a wee bump.  It took months to see a dermatologist, head/neck surgeon, plastic surgeon, ophthalmologist, and radiation specialist during this most unsettled, precarious time in our life’s history.

I called ‘Uncle’ and surrendered to come what may.  In late October of that year, I finally had that sucker removed. My face was an effing shit show.

Did I agonize and despair over Covid? Hell no. I was dealing with the trauma of having half the face I’d known for 62 years being raped and pillaged.

Actually, Covid came at the perfect time. It allowed me to go out into public wearing a mask with no one being the wiser. The fear of frightening little children was alleviated by those face coverings. How lucky was I?

Another gracious gift was presented during this tumultuous time.  My creative process had been stalled for five years since my husband and I moved back to the Hamilton area.  The 1400 square foot, bouncing baby 50‘s bungalow we bought had no room at the inn for all my artwork, supplies and large canvases.

I mourned the loss of my creative self-expression (singing, painting, writing, drumming, and dance) and the space to feel free and unencumbered to let my spirit soar.

My husband, John, suggested one day that he move his office into the basement (which had little natural light) so I could set up shop in the front bedroom on the main floor. I felt like bawling as this set me up on the trajectory of my creativity blossoming once again. What I know for sure is that you have to set up the banks of the river in order for the river to flow.  I had my paddle and life jacket at the ready set.

So here we are on the cusp of Christmas contemplating the gifts we are going to buy our loved ones.  I think we have learned that we can live on far less stuff these days and yearn for not only more connection and joy with family and friends, but from within as well.

What’s truly important are the self-love presents we give ourselves. They replenish and renew our inner self so the outer self shows up happier, healthier, and more grounded…. sign up for that course, and take precious time out to read, listen to a podcast, dance, meditate, breath, or journal. Do something that fah la la-lights you up and rings your bell.

These are the gifts that keep on giving and creating A Wonderful Life.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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