Written by Wyn Andress

Do you believe in Past Lives? I definitely do! I got to experience many of them when I was taking my Karmic Regression Therapy & Hypnosis Certifications.

So, why explore Past Lives?  Often, we hold onto aspects of those Past Lives, known as Cords, which can affect us physically and emotionally in this life. Doing a Past Life Regression session allows us to reconnect with lost aspects of ourselves and to tap into the various lessons and morals that we can bring into this life to empower ourselves. We can also cut the cords of unpleasant energy that keep us stuck and reliving old patterns.

In this video, I share a revelation that helped me to resolve a failed marriage, as well as a health issue I was struggling with.

One of my clients got to relive her life as a creature of water, experiencing herself as absolute beauty and pure light; allowing herself to bring that forward into this incarnation.

Another client plans to use his experiences of past lives in battle situations to write a book.

Life, & Past Lives, are such a mystery & so much can be shifted when we choose to open ourselves up to the unknown…. or, in this case, revisit the forgotten. 😉



Wyn Andress, Soul Doulah, is passionate about supporting & empowering clients to clear away old beliefs, fears & habits that hold them back from greater health & their highest potential. Using intuition, Wyn draws upon her various certifications in Yoga, Meditation, Celtic Reiki, Karmic Regression Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming so clients can transition from challenges to birthing a life of grace, ease & peace!

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