Personal Mentoring

Simone’s goal is to help her clients achieve their potential and discover their strengths. She promotes self confidence, high-self esteem, personal achievement, encourages positive choices, and introduces new ideas.

Do you know you can change the world by just being you? Discovering who you really are opens up a whole new world of infinite possibilities.

Do you have issues and negative experiences showing up in your life again and again? Do you struggle with self doubt, depression or anxiety? Do you feel frustrated, challenged or limited in your life? What would you like to experience instead?

If you are ready for change contact Simone for a free private consultation.


“I can only imagine how much lighter and clearer you feel after spending some quality time with Simone, an amazing ‘bright light’ that helps people see things through a different lens.” -KJ

“Sometimes, in this crazy busy world, we all need a little guidance. Simone is well connected to the energies around us. This talent gives her objective insight into our issues and problems that we may not be able to deal with on our own. Simone’s guidance over the last few years has helped me through quite a few of life’s challenges. I feel her non-judgemental approach has not only provided but allowed the healing process to begin and continue with ease and grace. It is because of Simone’s inspiration and guidance that I have become the person I am today…strong and able to face my challenges with renewed energy and insight. Thank you!” -LG

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