Pets and AnimalsĀ 

I have a life long passion for working with animals led to training, breeding, providing, promoting and encouraging excellence in care for pets and animals. With a variety of techniques such as massage, neuromuscular re-patterning, cranio-sacral, Equi-Bow and energy techniques, Simone assess and address issues creating asymmetries of the body, behaviour problems, body discomfort, gait abnormalities, functional and performance issues in your pets and animals. Although Simone works with a variety of pets and animals, she has a special interest in working with horses. As Equi-Bow Canada co-founders, senior instructors and practitioners, Simone and partner Cheryl Gibson teach horse owners, trainers and therapists Equi-Bow technique, a gentle, integrated equine body-balancing technique addressing structural, physiological and behavioural issues in a student-friendly part-time format.

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