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I have studied equine nutrition for the past several years, and while I am not a certified nutritionist, I can help you determine whether your current feed plan meets  your horse’s requirements established by the NRC 2007 Nutrient Requirements for Horses. From there we build a custom feed plan and mineral mixture giving your horse an optimal diet instead of a generic diet.

My vision is to help horses through educating and empowering their owners and caretakers, thus allowing them to make informed decisions about their horse’s diet.


“We have always loved our horses and gone to great lengths to offer them the best in care and nutrition, that is to say the best we knew how. Then…we met Susie Faver and became aware of her extensive knowledge of equine nutrition. Under Susie’s tutelage, we removed our horses from all processed feed and grain, eliminating all sources of processed sugars from their diet. Susie tested our hay content, and weighted and measured our horses to determine their condition. She then developed a formula of balanced vitamins and minerals individualized to each horse. Within a few short months, we could see the excess fat falling off them. They maintained their energy but took on a more balanced persona. They are generally more content. Every day they look forward to their mineral concoction mixed with hay pellets and flax. We couldn’t be happier with our new feed program and recommend Equus Body & Soul Inc. owned and operated by Susie Faver, for the long term health of your horse.”  Wes & Ruth Hunt


“Just had to tell you the vet was amazed that Sassy looked so good. She felt Sassy improved by at least 75% and could not believe she had improved that much in two weeks. I wish you could have been there to hear all the compliments. Thanks again.”  Donalou Langdon


Susie, thank you so much for assisting us with our nutritional program for the horses at our stable. We are very pleased with the results of your custom balanced mineral & supplement program. We started with 27 horses on your program in the late fall 2009 and as spring has arrived, everyone has been commenting about their incredibly shiny coats and our farrier has also commented on the quality of their hooves. Your commitment to educating and helping us on our journey to better understand the nutritional needs of our horses as well as giving us options for a very economical and precise approach to feeding is very much appreciated. Thank you Susie, we look forward to an ongoing relationship working with you in the best interest of our equine friends. Regards.”  Simone Usselman-Tod