Heather Rigg


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  • Reiki Master
  • Inter-Species Communicator
  • Equi-Bow Student Practitioner
  • Canine Touch Student Practitioner


Serving Hamilton and surrounding area[/two_third]

Services for People

  • Reiki
  • Reiki Mentoring
  • Integrated Riding Lessons
  • Power Animal Readings
  • Animal Communication Coaching
  • Animal-Home/Farm Sitting


Services for Animals

  • Equi-Bow Technique
  • Reiki
  • Canine Touch
  • Integrated Healing
  • Animal Communication


Ever since I was a little girl I can remember having a great love for horses. What I don’t remember is ever thinking how much they would come to affect my life. It was my connection to horses that would eventually guide me toward a deeper understanding of my intuition.

It was through the particular guidance of my equine partner, Mattie, that I became aware of my dormant abilities. With great care and patience I began trusting my capabilities and having the confidence to share them.  It is very important for me to be available to help others on their journey, so it is with great joy that I offer my services to you.


“….on several occasions Heather has conducted communication sessions with my horse Logan. They are interesting, informative, and take your relationship and your understanding of your equine partner to another level. I feel that information shared during these sessions has taken us forward in our training more quickly than our progression would have been without them. I certainly plan on continuing to use Heather’s expertise on a regular basis in the future.”  Jacki Brown, Hamilton Ontario


“My daughter and I had the honor of being Heather’s first Reiki students. Heather made it very comfortable for us and my 9 year old daughter was able to understand the information. She was patient and answered our questions with ease. It was a wonder experience and we are looking forward to level 2 with Heather.”  Sheri Johnson, Ancaster Ontario