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Are you ready to move forward on your path towards optimal health and wellness? Our listed practitioners provide a unique, collaborative approach for services encompassing complementary and integrated health and wellness therapies. Your improved well-being is within reach.


Bio-Energy Therapy


Bowen Therapy Practitioners


Cranial-Sacral Therapy Practitioners


Ear Candling Practitioners


Energy Therapy Practitioners

  • Brian Gray (Crystal Energy Experience, Healing Energy Experience, In-Home Energy Party, Friendly-Pendulum Workshop, Introductions to Crystals Workshop, Crystal Companions – Next Steps Workshops
  • Karen Leslie (Integrated Energy instruction/classes)
  • Rose Saroyan (Bio-Energy Therapy, KarmicDNA Discovery, Shamanic Energy Healing)


IET Instruction / Classes


Karmic DNA Discovery


Massage Therapy Practitioners


Matrix Repatterning Practitioners

  • TBD



Meditation Practitioners

  • TBD


 Naturopathic Medicine Practitioners


Neuromuscular Re-patterning Practitioners


Pain Relief Technology


Personal Transformation Practitioners

  • Karen Leslie
  • Simone Usselman-Tod (Holistic Business & Personal Mentoring, Commanding Success Circles,                                                          individual, workshops, education, networking, speaking and more….)




Reiki Therapy Practitioners

Shamanic Energy Healing


Treatments for Physical / Mental / Emotional Concerns