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  • Healing, Mentoring & Empowering for a New Millennium

Services for People

  • Bio-Energy Therapy
  • KarmicDNA Discovery
  • Shamanic Energy Healing


Services provided in Greater Toronto Area / Port Credit in person, by phone or skype worldwide 



Bio-Energy Therapy: a cutting edge healing modality complementing medical/surgical treatments, providing long-term relief from chronic conditions.

KarmicDNA: a fascinating wealth of individualized understanding for human process, the foundation of Self-knowledge, a potent path for Personal Transformation, Health, Success in Life and Relationships.

We often mistakenly perceive ‘Life Agenda’ as a carved in stone ‘fate or destiny’ while, in reality, this is more like a loose fitting choreography of purpose & possibilities.

Knowing your KarmicDNA enhances your powerful role of freewill in conscious awareness with potential to overcome your specific individual life challenges in the most positive ways. Retroactively, this knowing also brings depth of understanding to past experiences and an ability to resolve and release the past with the truth that will set you free.

KarmicDNA Assets are imprinted into the electromagnetic structure of each human being. They are carried in your aura and interact with the energy of the environment and others and are responsible for driving your individual life experience to be confronted with specific challenges. This is an automatic mechanism that determines you never have an experience that you can’t handle. Our unique motivation and response to those challenges; whether we see them as ‘bad luck’ or an ‘opportunity,’ will shape our life and health.

Who Can Benefit Most

  • People seeking positive solutions to general life, home, work, and relationship stressors.
  • People in chronic pain or disorder and disease.
  • People in depression, anxiety and fatigue.
  • People of all ages for self-empowerment and conscious living!


I highly recommend this. I am working with Rose and learning more about myself in a session with Rose than I have learned in 30 years. It is creating much clarity and understanding and empowerment for me!!  
Here I am, 65 years of age and now I am finally starting to ‘get it’, finally, some of my questions have answers! I am finally seeing the light.
When I first when to see Rose, I was an angry, distrustful, ,unconfident person who wanted dearly to live a life of joy, trust and love. I am so close to that goal now – Thanks to Rose’s help. She has taught me to know those elements in my character that hold me back. She has taught me that those elements are powerless and that I should just use them to keep my gifts in balance. Rose has taught me to know those elements in my character that bring me satisfaction, sense of purpose, and joy. she has taught me that sometimes these elements include power and that power must be judiciously used. I can honestly say that I now know what makes me happy and that I am un shakeable in the knowledge that it is OK to walk to the best of a different drummer. Additionally, I now accept myself with love. I am experiencing each day with greater and greater confidence, trust, and joy. Life is no longer an often dark and frightening journey. My journey is now a bright and exciting one. Oh yes, I almost forgot…My anger has gone. Road rage is a thing of the past!! Thank you rose, for sharing your wisdom and being such a caring person.
I went to Rose full of self-doubt and false optimism. I’m learning patience and lessons of immense value through understanding my challenges and I’m becoming a better spiritual/Human Being.
I had recently been through my first serious romantic relationship and, at the time, I considered it to be a horrible experience. I was in a very dark place considering it took me 24 years to get into a relationship only to have my built-up romantic ideologies shattered, along with the small amount of self-esteem I had up until this point in my life. On top of this I was overwhelmed with the workload that I was facing during my final year of university and I had decided to disclose my “learning disability” to the school. I hadn’t been tested for a disability since I was ten and the school required that I complete a full psychological evaluation. I had been seeing the same psychiatrist since I was nine years old and was well aware that I had an “anxiety disorder” and was expecting this to be identified during the analysis. I did not, however, anticipate the severity of my “condition” according to what the psychologist had written in my report. Each statement she made about me was even supported with specific examples she noted during the analysis. Reading this thing was like reading the profile of a serial killer on Criminal Minds. There was no denying it. It was stamped with the validity of professional medical specialists. I WAS CRAZY! I decide to finally yield to the years of my psychiatrist’s requests that I go on anti-anxiety medication. Yet, even though I conceded, deep down I understood that was not the option I should be taking. It was at this point that the Universe brought Rose into my life. My mother had been seeing Rose for some time and had called me up after every weekly visit to plead for me to give her a try. To me the travel time seemed like too much of an inconvenience, especially because I was in school and didn’t drive. As fate would have it, however, two weeks after I began taking the anti-anxiety medication my school went on a strike that would last three months. My mother had insisted at this point that I go to see Rose with her on her next appointment. I agreed. This is one concession I will always be grateful I made. During our first session Rose said two things to me that had the biggest impact on my life’s path from that point on. Firstly, she said, “You have been going to a psychiatrist since you were nine. If you’re not fixed yet, it’s not working for you.” It was so true and so clear and yet I never even considered it. Secondly, she said, “You came into this world for a specific purpose but this world doesn’t cater to your purpose yet, and this causes you anxiety.” This has become the initiator of a huge breakthrough for me. I immediately got off the pills and over the following year I began viewing my existence very differently than I ever had before. Rather than believing that I needed to be “fixed” to fit in with society, I began to see how wonderful I truly was. I now know that it is society that needs to change to accommodate not just me but all of us and each of our specific, eccentric life purposes. It has been nearly two years since the psychological evaluation was conducted. I am living in Australia, attaining my Diploma of Education and excelling at teaching. I have made huge personal strides in my life. It is important to note that I still experience moments of high anxiety. This may never change. But I understand myself and love myself enough not to define myself by my anxiety. I am much more equipped for these occurrences and as a result I have much more control over the length of time and severity of them. I have dated on and off during these past two years but the most important thing that I have gained is self-love. I no longer pine for a person to make me feel special and wonderful because I am more than capable of feeling this for myself. When I do meet someone, I am much more confident and stable than I ever have been and thus much more appealing. It is not about never having an insecure moment. It is not about never getting upset or depressed or anxious. It is about making the most out of the good days. And, when confronted with a challenging day, being able to look at the bigger picture and saying, “You know what? I can handle this. I have it pretty good. How can I take what I already know about myself and about the Universe and use it to learn more from this situation”. Thank you Rose for everything you have done for me. My own light has always existed within me. I just needed to borrow your light while I found the switch.
I began to see Rose close to two years ago, and what a LUCKY, BLESSED woman I am! People often ask me, what does she do for you? Why do you still see her? How would you describe Bio-Energy Therapy and Karmic DNA? I would say, it is very hard for me to put into words. Here I am now writing these warm beautiful feelings on paper…Rose is somewhat like the older man on the movie Karate Kid, somewhat like the little old man without teeth on Eat Pray Love, somewhat like Dr. Marcus Welby, and somewhat like the speech Therapist on the movie Th eKing’s Speech…The big difference here is that Rose is not a great actor, she is REAL!!! All these wonderful actors portrayed this wonderful warm mentors to teach us the Wisdom of Life, and teach us how to get to a higher level of LIGHT which is hidden within us. Rose is more than a mentor, more than a life coach, more than a psychic, and more than a friend! She never ends an appointment before the appropriate time, in fact most often we go overtime and never charged more for the time spent. She is there when you have a crisis via phone, and always takes the time and wisdom to see you through. She teaches you the Wisdom of Life, something there is no text with the knowledge that Rose has. Why ever stop learning when you are so fortunate and blessed to have this wonderful woman in your life?

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