The article was written by Joy Seunarine

Our journey in this life, I believe, is to dismantle the cultural and societal patterns that we are born into to be able to emerge into the authentic, unique soul self that we envisioned before entering this earthly plane.  I firmly believe the truth of this statement. How do we express ourselves as part of this self-discovery? I would like to share my story.

Many years ago, I took a course on healing the inner child. It was a course teaching me, through bodywork, awareness of the younger parts of ourselves that may be in need of healing.  Like many of the courses I took, it was more about self-healing, than it was about building a professional skill set. At one point, Aminah looked at me and said, “You have a lot to say. I suggest you find a plant and just start talking.” Little does she know how much I talk about my plans now. More recently. a coach also noticed this fulness in my throat from a longing to share….something.  I feel intuitive that the ‘something’ that is wanting to be spoken is a profound truth, is beyond this world, and is also part of my soul contract.

Writing poetry is a very interesting, creative experience. Often my poetry will start with an image that captures me. This image will seed thoughts and reflections. As random thoughts layer onto the image, associations are made. Much like a painting, one layer at a time, the picture is filled out. When I put pen to paper, the poem is already written in some recess of my being. What is most interesting is that when I see the poem on paper, I realize that something has emerged out of me that I didn’t even know existed. Poetry reveals to me. I believe my poetry also speaks for others. This act of self-expression has an interesting twist.  I will look back on a poem I have written, and discover its impact in my present-day life realizing that I wrote it for my future self. Here’s an example.


Oh, the beauty of letting go


The hard edge.

Oh, to let go of that

Hard, clenched fist of vigilance.

To slowly soften those fingers

Unfurling one by one.

To feel the droplets of rain

To anticipate the perennial sun.

At long last

Emerging, unfolding and greeting

The pure, clear rush of life.

Karen Joy Seunarine

About Joy Seunarine 

Joy is a registered massage therapist for over 30 years. She has been teaching people classes on how to Listen to Their Bodies and the 4 Steps to Joy for 3 years now. She is now integrating all her knowledge and skills to step into this work teaching embodiment practices through coaching programs, classes, and single sessions. Joy is passionate about supporting people to integrate their physical bodies with their spiritual, emotional, and energetic aspects of self.

Joy believes that when we become master gardeners of our internal landscape, everything changes. She offers treatment sessions, coaching sessions, and ongoing coaching programs. Joy offers her compassion, her warmth, and a listening ear to reach out and support you on your journey.
Please reach out if interested. 905-823-0821

Joy contributes to the Wild About Wellness Community online where members passionate about holistic health and wellness come together to share information, educate and contribute for the purpose of learning and growing.