Written by Alison Bastarache

Well, 2023 has arrived with all its new exciting energy.

I am one of these people who keep all their receipts, invoices, and bill payments in a file system of sorts. (It makes sense to me anyways). There are always things to return after the Christmas holidays and it is so much easier with the receipt.  My husband is one of these people that buy things just in case and I am one of these people that return everything we don’t need. This has been going on for 36 years. Once a year or so I sit down and go through my files and pull out anything that can be destroyed and throw it in a pile to shred. I don’t shred it right away, I let it sit until I am sure there is not nothing I want to keep. This morning I turned on my shredder and let the pile have it! There is nothing more satisfying to me than watching that pile shrink and then recycling the shreds. There is a new lightness and freedom of spirit after I complete this task.

It can be the same in life – how many of us carry around or store things that no longer serve our highest good? There are probably old beliefs that weren’t even ours to start with – they were trained into us by our parents and caregivers as we grew. There might be old traumas and griefs that were never resolved as we moved along our life path. Are there material items that we have saved from passed loved ones out of loyalty, duty, or guilt? Do you feel like you’re not good enough or smart enough or pretty enough because your siblings or peers teased, bullied, or berated you? Many behaviours and situations we have experienced in the past would be considered abuse.

We carry our emotions and traumas in our body tissues. This is why it can be so freeing to purge. How do you feel after you have cleaned out a closet or a room? The place feels bigger, brighter, and more inviting. It increases our creativity – now I have space to paint or read or write. We can purge on a physical level – letting material items that no longer serve us go. Sometimes those items carry an emotion that needs to be released and once we let them go, again we feel lighter. As Marie Kondo says “does this item bring me joy?”, if not, thank you and goodbye. We purge our emotions through tears, anger, or love. Purging the mind can be a challenge, those thoughts that go around and around keep us awake at night. There are tools such as meditation and mindfulness that can help, and there are many gifted practitioners that can also help you along your path. Exercise is also a great energy mover!

After I bagged the shredded paper, I vacuumed the pieces that fell on the floor. There are often residual bits after you purge that need cleaning up. Interestingly, the vacuum battery died before I finished clearing it up so I had to go to the charger to get a new one. As I was doing this, I was reminded that we need to keep our own batteries charged to be able to complete the tasks ahead of us and maybe there was just a little bit of resistance there too! Was there something I couldn’t let go of? Hmmm.

What are you ready to let go of that no longer serves you?

I hope that 2023 brings you an abundance of health, love, and peace.

Reach out any time – I am available for Spiritual Guidance, Ceremony, Intuitive Energy Healing, and Empowerment.

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