Written by Francine Houston.

Out of curiosity:  Do your words enhance or diminish your well being?  Do you even notice what words you use, and what stories you tell yourself?  Are you aware of the impact that your words, your experiences and your perspective has on your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well being?

I’m not suggesting that things that have happened  haven’t felt uncomfortable, or felt very awful or amazing at the time.  I’m not even suggesting that sharing a story is a bad thing, but how often do we speak the story, relive all the emotions and burrow deep into the words and feelings of our experiences, creating and reinforcing any emotional charge-positive or negative- that might be attached to the words and the story.  

Are you choosing to sit and live in the uncomfortable and awful, carrying all of those things  every time you speak into this string of words?  I KNOW:  What happened to you had an impact.  What happened in your life certainly was significant- when it all happened.  Have you noticed that there is something that happens every time you tell your story? Does your body get tight? Does your breathing pattern change? Do you get an emotional “charge” from telling your story or using certain words?  

I have noticed, with myself, and with people that I have worked with, that when these stories are told:  stories that I have told myself, and the stories that have been shared with me,  as well as certain words that are used in general conversations have a charge, either emotionally, spiritually, and even physically.  The consequence in all of this, often, is that we soak in the stories, reliving all of the potentially negative aspects of those stories and words and repeating the patterns that have not, or perhaps no longer serve us.  

It is, I believe, critical to understand that the experiences we have, and our perspective as we are actually LIVING at the moment are REAL!  Those experiences are REAL!  The challenge, as we move forward in our lives, is to find a way to a) make sense of the experience itself, b) find a way to create meaning from the experience, and c) hopefully heal one’s self and others by sharing.  The critical part of all of this, as you share your story, is mindset and intention.  Do you continue to live in the negative impacts of the story and history, or can you share your story with “yes, this is what I lived, AND this is what I have changed because of the insights,” OR “ I lived this, and I am sharing this because I don’t want you to have to go through all of the things I did.”  That is a very different perspective, intention and mindset than “ This is my story, it has been so hard, I am so broken, I am never going to get past this.”   

By all means, share your story, but as you are doing so, choose to be mindful about your intention:  Telling your story can be healing, for yourself, and for the person that is hearing it.  What I am asking for you, for the people that you are interacting with, for your personal growth and for theirs, that you choose to find your expansion and healing with that rather than permitting yourself to burrow and stay stuck into the negative impacts of your history and story.  I invite you to choose growth that expansion from your story and the words you use, rather than staying stuck in the pain and discomfort of the experience.  

About Francine Houston: 


Francine is a fiber artist, intuitive channel, animal communicator, clairvoyant/medium and Soul Quilt Guide. She believes that everyone has innate Gifts and Talents that sometimes get obscured or suppressed as we journey through our lives. Our experiences and interactions either expand or contract the development of these unique Geniuses. It is Francine’s great honour to help to rediscover and reclaim their unique Voice and Genius. If this produces resonance in you, Francine invites you to book a complimentary 30 minute discovery session at soulquiltcreation@gmail.com or 519-591-0837
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