Written by Simone Usselman-Tod

Communities play an important role in every aspect of our lives. Communities are created not only through our friendships and our families, communities are created through our connections in our neighbourhoods, in our schools, in our careers, through our interests and our activities. Being part of community unites us and helps us to feel we are part of something greater than ourselves and that we belong. Communities connect us with each other, providing a strong sense of security, safety and support.

Through our connections within our communities we can reach our goals faster and more effectively. When we accept each other not only our similarities but also our differences, where we strive for authentic and compassionate communication even though we might not always agree, we can create an experience of safety and security together.

Creating a safe space allows for learning and growth, creativity and confidence. When we surround ourselves with a safe and secure community that supports us as we grow and evolve, we can face insurmountable challenges. Even when things do not go as expected we are more able to find self acceptance and maintain a growth mindset, creating more strength within each individual and in the community itself.

What is a strong community? A strong community of people care about each other and provide an environment of safety, non judgement and acceptance, a place where the members can engage in honest and authentic conversations and ask those difficult questions without having worrying about what someone might think of them. Every question is treated as an opportunity to educate and explore. A trusting environment sets the stage for building the courage to stretch beyond our comfort zone. Knowing we can access dependable resources allows us to step outside of our comfort zone and allows us to consider stepping forward to take on challenges we might not otherwise consider.

Having a strong community to back us up helps us to believe in ourselves and allows others in the community to understand their own value as they encourage us to tackle challenges we would never consider alone. Communities increase our sense of well being, reducing stress and feelings of isolation. We learn from each other about the power of resilience and strength from the support we receive from each other.

A strong community of people can benefit individuals, families and businesses. A community of people who value helping each other may choose a common goal of supporting small business by shopping locally and choosing your services over a chain. A community can provide resources  and solutions to resolve all types of daily challenges. It may include referring each other to expert services or simply offering to help with a project. It may include providing after school care or helping out with an emergency. Never underestimate the value of a strong community.

Technology and the screens that are meant to connect us also separates us. There is no doubt that using technology creates many opportunities along with challenges. How we spend our time at home and work has changed drastically with this age of technology. The reality of our ever changing environment has seen a huge rise of online communities. Some of us are not able to connect with each other in person because of health concerns and restrictions, or because we live thousands of miles away from friends, family members or those we do business with. Online communities and events allow us to connect when we otherwise would not be able to. We now have the ability to bring distant communities into our own homes and into our own offices. Technology has allowed us to access virtual communities one to one or one to many, connecting us with people across the planet in an instant. Online communities are now accessible 24/7.

In choosing a community, large or small, it is important that the philosophy of the membership aligns with your values, interests and goals. A strong community can provide countless opportunities, growth and experiences and give you the support you need to succeed.

About Simone

Health and wellness for people and animals have always been Simone’s passion. Working in a conventional career in the medical field for 30 years, combined with the experience of working with clients in the field of holistic healing and natural health & wellness since 2004, provides Simone with a unique edge when working with her clients & an understanding of the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

As founder of the Wild About Wellness Community, Simone facilitates Wild about Wellness Community events online, promoting & supporting holistic health and wellness and providing health and wellness services for people, pets and animals. https://simoneusselmantod.com

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