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Simone began her career working as a diagnostic medical radiation technologist at a major urban teaching hospital where she came face-to-face daily with patients who had been impacted by trauma and life-threatening health issues. She eventually learned how to “reframe” situations to support the patients she cared for as they struggled for their lives. This gave Simone a whole new perspective about, and an unshakeable belief in, the strength of the human spirit.

Her world came crashing down when her 32-year-old husband—the father of their two young daughters—was diagnosed with melanoma. Despite a whirlwind of surgeries and treatments to stop this aggressive, insidious cancer, Simone and her family found themselves on an excruciatingly painful journey. It gave Simone, a deeper awareness of the suffering and struggles people experienced when dealing with seemingly insurmountable challenges as they tried to navigate a complex and often impersonal hospital system. Sadly, Simone’s husband succumbed to his cancer, leaving Simone to redraw the parameters of her life and the lives of her children, and find meaning in a loss that at the time seemed brutal and heart-wrenching.

The experience helped Simone recognize the importance of respecting patients’ values, preferences, and needs, as well as the importance of an engaging, compassionate, and genuinely caring staff of health care providers. Simone went on to develop and lead an award-winning patient and staff care initiative and earned the opportunity to become involved in management-level activities to further her hospital’s goal of embracing excellence in patient care.

Fuelled by her commitment to excellence—and to making a difference in the lives of others—Simone explored the prevention of disease and the root causes of health issues. She devoted herself to learning about alternative and complementary therapies that support optimal health and wellbeing and ultimately translated the patient-centred care philosophy she had been recognized for in her medical career into her work as a Registered Massage Therapist and a certified Cranio-Sacral and Bowen Practitioner.

Simone witnessed first-hand the power and the value of a holistic approach to health and healing in the profound and positive effects her clients reported. In 2013 she founded Wild about Wellness and facilitated networking groups for holistic practitioners, therapists, coaches, and product providers throughout Southwestern Ontario.

Simone’s passion for enhancing people’s quality of life has led her on a journey of discovery, excitement and opportunity. After significant investments in elite-level training and certification programs with some of the world’s most respected neuro-coaching specialists, she now teaches her clients how to harness the power of the mind to optimize their health, relationships, career, and finances. Simone integrates the knowledge and wisdom of both aspects of her conventional and holistic background into her customized Neuro Coaching and Practitioner Programs, providing stress management and mindset breakthrough sessions for clients. She believes there is great magic available at the intersection of EQ, IQ and BQ (Body Wisdom), and she blends practical psychology with neuroscience to deliver cutting-edge mindset resets that help her clients learn how to overcome self-doubt, master their inner game, resolve longstanding issues, make better decisions, and accomplish more than they ever imagined.

Simone continues to facilitate the Wild About Wellness community gatherings, while she embraces her passion for learning and making a positive impact in the lives of others.

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Simone Usselman-Tod

Stress Management and Mindset Breakthrough Coach
Certified Neuro Change Practitioner™
Certified NLP Coach and Master Practitioner
Certified Life Coach and Business Coach

Providing customized strategies and mindset resets to stress-proof your mind and manage your time.

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