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Health and wellness for people and animals has always been Simone’s passion. Working in a conventional career in the medical field for 30 years, combined with the experience of working with clients in the field of holistic healing and natural health & wellness since 2004, provides Simone with a unique edge when working with her clients & an understanding of the body’s natural ability to heal itself.
With a special interest in relationships, anatomy, physiology, behaviour, mindset and learning, Simone’s curiosity and interests have strongly influenced her choices in career and life. Her passion for learning and growing have led her on her own journey woven with discovery, excitement and opportunity. She now work as an entrepreneur honouring her own unique talents, gifts and perspectives, authentically doing what she loves every day, and making a difference in the lives of others.
Simone offers to support clients in their own personal journey through experiental & interactive programs, mentoring, bodywork, community groups, events and more.She is excited to help clients move forward in their lives personally & professionally, guiding & supporting them to achieve the results they have been looking for. Simone encourages positive choices & introduces new ideas as her clients discover their strengths, improve their self esteem, experience self confidence & achieve personal goals.
Simone enthusiasm is evident as she continues to create programs to support her clients.
As founder of Wild about Wellness Inc., Simone facilitates, Wild about Wellness Events, promoting & supporting holistic health and wellness practitioners and provides health and wellness services for people, pets and animals.
With her life long passion for horses Simone has co-founded Equi-Bow Canada, and teaches Equi-Bow technique, a gentle equine bodywork technique to professionals and horse owners. Equi-Bow Canada provides, promotes and encourages excellence in equine care.
Simone’s most recent focus has been on teaching others how to shift their mindset to create the results they desire. Co-founding Dynamic Visioning has been an exciting focus, as her clients are able to shift their limiting beliefs, using their own powerful theta brainwave, & create a life according to their own hopes & dreams.
Simone offers 20 minutes free consultations to anyone who would like to know more about the services & support she offers.
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