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Wild About Wellness Community
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The Wild About Wellness Community was created to bring together people who are passionate about holistic health and wellness.

This is an online monthly collaborative relationship-building event for individuals interested in holistic health and wellness. Everyone is welcome as well as practitioners and coaches, product and service providers.

This is a casual & easy-going community event and a great opportunity to meet other like-minded people interested in natural holistic health.

The evening includes:

6:00 - 6:30pm Social
6:30 - 6:40pm Meditation
6:40 - 7:30pm Holistic Health Talk Expert
7:30 - 8:15pm Connect and Collaborate
8:15 - 8:25pm Gift Draw
8:25 - 8:30pm Closing Reflections

Each month the Wild about Wellness Holistic Health Talks segment will feature one of the leaders in the Wild About Wellness Community speaking on a subject related to holistic health and wellness.

Online Events are scheduled on the last Wednesday of the month
6:00 – 8:30pm ET


January 25th, 2023
February 22nd, 2023
March 29th, 2023
April 26th, 2023
May 31st, 2023

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Guest Speaker: Simone Usselman-Tod

Wednesday, January 25, 2023 from 6:oo pm to 8:30 pm

TITLE: Stop Self-Sabotage and Supercharge Your Goals

Your mind is your best friend or it can be your worst enemy. No one wants to admit that we sabotage ourselves, but everyone does it to some degree. Exposing your inner Saboteurs will help you recognize the voices that hold you back from taking the actions you require to master your habits and achieve your goals. Improve your performance well-being, and relationships by strengthening that part of your brain that serves you and quieting the part that sabotages you.

OFFER: Take the Saboteur Self-Assessment and book a 30-minute strategy call with Simone https://simoneusselmantod.com/book/

BIO: Simone Usselman-Tod is a Stress Management and Mindset Breakthrough Coach who provides powerful coaching protocols for lighting the flame for personal transformation. Simone believes there is great magic available at the intersection of EQ, IQ, and BQ (Body Wisdom). In her practice as a Neuro-Linguistic Coach and NeuroChange™ Practitioner, she blends practical psychology with neuroscience to champion her clients as they get more traction, implement change, achieve their goals accomplish more than they ever imagined.

Non Member Event attendance $20 (HST included)
Members Attend Free

Pay by Credit card or
E-Transfer to simone@wildaboutwellness.ca


“You do not need to be a business owner to benefit from this community. Attending these meetings is inclusive and supportive and educational. Regardless of where you are at on your own personal journey, there is always a ‘take away’ from every meeting.”

Tammy Adams
Intuitive Understanding Inc.

“Simone expertly facilitates this group of engaging and supportive people. Meetings always provide a safe space for you to be seen, heard, and supported without judgment. There’s a true sense of peace and growth in this group that I haven’t experienced in other ‘networks’.”

Danielle – Coach Ontario

“A positive group of women and men where we learn about each other’s businesses and also get to know everyone at a deeper level than other networking groups.”

Judy Dore

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