Written by Francine Houston

My dear beleaguered saboteurs,

First and foremost,  I wish to say thank you.  I know that this letter finds you in fine fettle.  I apologize for not writing to you individually, but as I know that you share everything,  I thought this would be beneficial.  I promise you that I will address you all in turn, as we move forward.

I know that you have all worked in concert all these years.  You have worked hard to keep me safe.  For that I am grateful.   You have allowed me to stay out of danger, avoiding conflict when it would have gotten me hurt.  You have given me the tools to be aware of other people’s moods and biases so that I do not share those parts of myself that are most tender, and would have been damaged in the sharing.   Thank you.

I am aware that your perspective has been to protect and provide me with a safe place, always.  It was, for so long, important to be hidden.

I am grateful for those of you who have kept me going: those of you who made sure that I achieved, in spite of the work done by others of you to interrupt my mental will.

Thank you for giving me a spirit of curiosity.   Exploring and expanding and experiencing the world has been amazing!   I recognize that this has allowed me to see things and do things I might not have otherwise had the courage to try.

Dear one, the one who looks after the fine details: you have my blessings.  You have given me to capacity to get the details right.  With your input, I have been able to create some beautiful art, and have learned to be careful and precise.

To my friend who lays mostly quiet:  you are the manager, the one who prefers to be in charge, but you often don’t take a seat at the table.  You often show up at inopportune times, but I know that when your presence is felt that you feel that danger is imminent.   In those moments you have formulated and executed plans that have kept me from what might have been bodily harm.

I am so indebted to you all.  In teams, and individually,  you have created systems that you felt were necessary to keep things in my life flowing and to keep me mostly out of harm’s way.

Now, my loves, I am here to make a heartfelt request.   I am asking you to please take on new roles.  I recognize that you have created this parliament and many coalitions over time.  I am requesting that rather than trying to keep me safe from what you have seen as old threats, you now support me, in similar coalitions, but with the purpose of propelling me forward toward our Higher Purpose.

At this point in our lives, we must shift into doing what we made a commitment to do before we came back onto this plane this time around, or we may run out of time.  We all know that the roles that you have been enacting are now obsolete.   I ask for your support in doing different,  in doing better, now that we know better.

I know you will not leave, that you are an integral part of who I am.  I ask, nay,  implore you:  elevate us, rather than keep us hidden.  Share your wisdom and insights.  I need your tools.  I simply need them to create something more elevated,  more rarefied.  I am in awe.  I know that we can do this.


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