Written by Alison Bastarache

So many times, people have said to me “I’m not intuitive… am I?”.
This makes me a bit sad because I know they are not recognizing an inherent gift that they possess that can make life so much more interesting and fulfilling.

We are all born open and receptive to guidance from our higher selves, sources, spirit, God; whatever you wish to call it.  Little kids often talk to people we can’t see or play with their imaginary friends and sometimes they tell stories of past or future that they couldn’t possibly know (from our closed perspective). Unfortunately, this connection to our higher spirit or source if most often quashed as we grow, by those around us; family, friends, teachers, society, religion and traditional beliefs. We are told don’t be silly, it’s your imagination, it’s not real and for me “stop being so sensitive”. These well-meaning and misguided beings have forgotten or are fearful of these gifts.

I was born empathic; by that I mean I was a very sensitive child and felt everything that was going on around me – I was a Momma’s girl, uncomfortable with people outside my family, I cried if I got a birthday party invitation; I didn’t want to be in a strange house with noisy kids.
A sleepover OMG – never going to happen! I avoided conflict as all costs, so I was a “sissy” – I shrunk into myself if people were fighting and bawled my eyes out if an animal was hurt. Of course, no one in my family (including me) recognized this gift, so it was a struggle being in the world.

My mother recognized that this introverted behaviour and shyness was something we needed to deal with so she signed me up for Girl Guides. I was 10 years old, she had to sit in the meetings with me (the only Mom there) – I would have been embarrassed, if I wasn’t so scared to be left there alone – In hindsight, I probably was both scared and embarrassed. This went on for about 3 or 4 weeks until I made a friend that I was comfortable to stay with. I excelled over those 5 years in that environment with those amazing Guide leaders, loving all the camping and nature studies that I was exposed too! My parents did not camp – my mom was a book worm. This is where I started to develop my leadership skills and voice.
When did I remember my gifts?

It has only been in the last 15 years that my gifts have come back into the light; I was on my healing journey with MS when I was introduced to Reiki & energy healing. Although First Degree Reiki focuses on self-healing, there is an aspect of energy healing that reconnects or deepens our connection to spirit/higher self as we are working with life force energy. (It has many names but that’s what I will call it in this article). As I progressed through the different levels of Reiki, my intuition and third eye began to open wider and wider through practise with clients and experimentation with different tools. In hindsight I now understand my childhood experiences a little bit better and view my empathic nature as an amazing gift, that allows me to do what I do today.

You can also connect to or deepen your intuition! Most of us who have had children know about Mother’s intuition. Why is it so strong, we know they are up to something…? Because we are so connected and focused on our children and their wellbeing, we are open to receive guidance from spirit. You can apply this principal to anything you are doing with focus, attention and openness to spirit. The more you practise, the stronger it gets!
Your intuition can show up in many different ways and they are often referred to as the “Clairs”. My strongest “Clairs” are clear knowing and clear feeling. I invite you to start to explore the “Clair” that is strongest for you!

Clairvoyance – clear sight
• Seeing with your physical eyes – beings or objects, repetitive words or numbers on signs, license plates, colours
• Seeing with your third eye as images in your mind – moving clips, beings, objects, colours

Clairaudience – clear hearing
• Hearing a name or word or a warning in your head often repeated three times to get your attention, hearing a repetitive song or saying, overhearing a conversation

Clairsentience – clear feeling
• Pick up feelings, health, emotions and/or understandings of another’s state of being
• It is possible to feel the emotions, blockages or pain in your physical body.

Claircognizance – clear knowing
• Automatic clear perception is a direct transmission from spirit.
• Knowing something but not knowing where the information came from – it just pops directly into your head.

Clairgustance or clairambience – Clear tasting
•  *example “that leaves a bad taste in my mouth”

Clairalience or clairscent – Clear smelling
• *example – “something smells fishy”

About Alison

Alison is a Reiki Master and Intuitive Energy worker sharing spiritual wisdom and intuition for self-healing. She believes no matter where we are we can always enhance our health.
She is passionate about helping others balance their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects embracing a holistic outlook to wellness.

Alison shares her wisdom and knowledge through meditation, energy healing sessions, workshops and circles. She also offers courses in Reiki Certification.
“When we bring ourselves into balance the body begins to heal, our minds become clear and we connect to our wisdom.”

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