Written by Alison Bastarache

The coldest and darkest month of the year is January in the Northern Hemisphere. This is generally a period of inactivity, rest, and introspection.

January is often recognized as the most challenging month for mental health. Could we make a conscious effort to support our bodies’ demands instead of fighting them and the naturals rhythms of nature?

Here are some suggestions to help us ease through January:

Get More Sleep

We need more sleep when there is more darkness.

Resolve to go to bed a little earlier, wake up a little later, and/or find time for a nap, even a short one, every day in January and see how it affects your general health and wellbeing.

Eat More Warm, Cooked Foods

Harmonizing with nature, in the summer our bodies digest a wide variety of foods, even raw and cold ones. There is a natural shift in our digestion in winter, therefore warm, prepared foods like soups and stews suit us considerably better. Try to respect what your body requires right now and give it gentle nourishment, opting for bone broth, spiced soups, cooked vegetables, and other warm and cozy foods. Replace ice water with warm drinks such as tea or hot water with lemon.

Try Restorative Yoga

Exercise is beneficial throughout the year, but in January, our bodies respond best to a quick walk at midday when the sun is up. Lying down in very comfortable positions and testing our ability to relax profoundly is the practice of restorative yoga. Ideally this should happen at a studio with lots of props and a teacher who can assist you in falling into a deep, nourishing sleep.

Make Things Easier on Yourself

Ask yourself “How can I make this easier?”

Rather than getting all caught up in the complications and details of whatever you are doing, see if you could ask for help, delegate something, re-prioritize, drop what wasn’t useful, lower expectations, and generally intend to make it all a little easier. We frequently neglect to consider the possibility that we’re complicating things needlessly. Resolve to slow down and see if there is a way to un-complicate your day-day life and any situation you may be facing.

Receive Bodywork

January is a month when we have little to give, but we gain a lot from receiving. By refilling your own cup, you’ll eventually have more to share with others. Make self-care a priority an appointment for a massage, get reiki, or any other bodywork modality that appeals to you. Discover a way that would fit into your schedule and budget to give your body some loving attention.

Why not explore Rainbow Energy Healing with me? 

Throughout the fall, I became a certified Rainbow Energy Practitioner and I am now offering this amazing modality to clients.

Rainbow Energy Healing and How it Can Help You

  • Rainbow Energy Healing is an archangel inspired energy healing modality.
     It is dynamic, easy to work with, and profoundly uplifting.
  • Connect to and understand your Divine life purpose,
     feel energized, and remove barriers to your Divine and perfect health.
  • Clear and balance your chakras, and connect to your guardian angels, archangels, and ascended masters.

Some of the benefits of Rainbow Energy Healing:

  • enhanced awareness of your body’s own energy systems and chakras
  • clearing, expanding, and balancing of the chakras
  • increased intuition and psychic communication abilities, including clairvoyant visions of angels and other light beings during the session
  • awareness of dense, heavy, or prickly energy blockages being extracted from the body, sometimes in areas of the physical body where pain, tension, or disease is perceived
  • warm, tingly, or even hot sensations in the chakras, or in physical areas of the body, sometimes corresponding to the location of physical ailments
  • increased energy in the hours and days after the session
  • deepened understanding of your life purpose, your reason for being here now, and the next steps in your purpose
  • significant expanded awareness of your subtle energy bodies and your aura

About Alison: 

Alison is a Reiki Master and Intuitive Energy worker sharing spiritual wisdom and intuition for self-healing. Alison’s healing journey began in 2002 when she experienced frightening symptoms of numbness and double vision leading to a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Alison embraced a holistic outlook to health and wellness. She believes no matter where we are we can always enhance our health.

Alison can help you balance your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects and offers Intuitive Reiki sessions, Chakra balancing, Intuitive card readings, and Reiki certification courses. She facilitates workshops, meditation circles, and Reiki shares. To learn more about the services she offers contact Alison at: Website: www.healingenergy.biz, E-mail: alison@bastarache.biz, Phone: 905 902 0975, Facebook: Alison Bastarache



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