Written by Tammy Adams

I am continuously amazed at the intuitive wisdom of nature; how nature innately follows the guidance hidden deep within.  It is similar for us humans, as it is for many of life’s creations, with one main difference: choice.

Let us consider the wisdom of an avocado seed; its ability to sense the water gently caressing the underside of its shell; to know it is the time to awaken to what is within and begin the birthing process. As long as the sprouted seed continues to have access to water, light, and enough room to grow – it flourishes, acting on the internal blueprint coded into the seed itself.

A similar blueprint for our existence is stored within our subconscious. However, unlike plants, we have the ability to change our minds.  We are able to review the information stored within, recognize we have a choice, and realize we can create something different.

Our internal blueprint, which affects so much of our life, is typically formed between the ages of 0 and 8.  This blueprint is designed by what we hear, see, feel, taste, and experience during those early years. We are not taught to hit the pause button, review our life experiences, and choose an alternative direction in order to affect a different outcome.  Instead, we are taught we have no control over our life path, that our destiny is predetermined, and our life is a victim of fate.  As a result many may live their life feeling trapped, waiting for time to change the circumstances of their existence.

Like the avocado seed, our life unfolds: Subconsciously, habitually, and driven by our past experiences. This blueprint contains emotions of things we wished had been better, different, or more; unrealized hopes, dreams, and expectations; and things we never had the opportunity to say or do.  We resist the intuitive healing process and we suppress our emotions; hoping they will just go away.

Unlike the avocado seed – we have a choice.

Grief is the normal and natural reaction to an emotional loss.  Grief is also the result of a change when we alter something which was familiar to us.  Without the correct tools to process these emotions, we store them in an emotional backpack and learn to function under this additional weight.  As these feelings accumulate our bodies desperately try to get our attention, to nudge us to heal.  However, as the unknowing victims of fate, we do what we have been taught; we bury the emotions and carry on.

The avocado plant is not bound by emotions or feelings.  It is not limited by obstacles.  As long as it has water, soil, and sunlight the plant continues to grow.  Humans do not seem to have this freedom. Their lives are consistently driven by the regret of the past, and fear of the future, and their stored memories prevent them from moving forward.  Many forget they have a choice.

The Grief Recovery Method® provides you with, and teaches you how to use, specific tools which allow you to hit the pause button; to take time to discover, for yourself, the pain you have been carrying.  It teaches you the small and correct steps to take to heal the wounds of your past, allowing you to step back fully into life.

When you choose to begin to heal your pain, your subconscious mind will present the events and relationships in exactly the order for you to heal. Ironically, in most cases, you may not even begin with the significant loss you initially thought was the issue. There are always surprises and many are shocked at what lies beneath the surface.  Even more surprising is what chooses to present initially.

Human beings are intuitive.  We have the same innate wisdom the avocado seed possesses.  When our species was young, void of technology and distractions of our modern lives, we trusted our inherent wisdom.

The Grief Recovery Method® allows you to clear away the fog.  To eliminate the replay button and move through your pain to the other side.  To find yourself in a place where you are open to receiving the life which is in front of you.  To bloom where you are planted.  Free of the pain of your past. Trusting and following the process are essential for success.  You have a choice.

Imagine living in a place where you are open to growth, plain and simple, like that of the avocado seed.  Imagine being able to respond positively, without triggers, to your environmental stimuli by choice.

The avocado seed grows where it can, based on external stimuli.  You, however, are able to flourish no matter where, no matter what the stimuli – all you have to do is choose.

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