Written by Sheilagh Mercer

In 2003 I had a Reiki practice called “LIFE IS” that funded the years of training in other modalities. One major modality was graduating 6 levels through Kim Seer resulting in my being certified as a Medical Intuitive and Quantum Healer, for both Animals and people.

In 2010 my intuitive communication with animals opened up beyond my wildest dreams. It came through my mentor Jill Robinson and 4 horses I was placed in charge of while volunteering my services to a local rescue. Two of these horses were about to be put down. I asked the owner to reconsider if I helped with their health and fundraised for them. I used my abilities as a Medical Intuitive to help these older mares heal. I also connected with David Hickey who gave his Crystal Journey concert right in the barn with these four mares and as a result raised considerable funds.

During this time I took a course through Spirit Connections. Through a shamanic journey, led by Wendy Gold, I was surprised by my spirit horse appearing. It was Justin, my deceased horse. How could this be possible?

Justin came through, saying he was making his way back to me…. and he did … he came back into my life in 2012. In the same year that birthed Wild about Wellness, and the year I met Simone Usselman-Tod who took in my adopted two horses, Justin and Xanadu. Imagine, I even had the job of my dreams to support them. I was hired in 2011 as an Art Instructor in Ancaster not far from where Simone lived.

However, this all changed when my horse Justin told me there was something wrong with my heart. A week later April 19th, 2013, I smashed up my car and was in the hospital for 65 days having had a stroke, but by September with a walker in tow I was back working as an Art Instructor.

In 2014 I provided several Animal Communication courses, not only in Canada but online in Australia. From this experience, I knew I was called to assist others to awaken their own abilities.

During the last six years, I have needed to heal my own health issues and develop more tools so that I could present a clear map for people to follow.

It’s now 2020 and I am back, knowing we all are born having intuitive abilities, it is our birthright.

It’s as if I naturally followed a path laid out for me. I learned to simply listen and follow …listen and follow while amassing tools as an effective facilitator. I met with associates to create the format that empowers others in becoming Animal Communicators.

Let’s listen to nature together. Nature has given us all the potential to develop our abilities by tuning in to our own body wisdom that not only helps our beloved animals but humanity as well.

I feel blessed to be a part of creating a better world, from the inside out.

About Sheilagh

In her early teen years, Sheilagh’s dream was to become an artist. She did just that. Sheilagh is a professional Artist with a twist and has been on a spiritual path back to herself. While looking after her beloved father (in-law) and taking a 5-year sabbatical, Sheilagh grew as an Animal Communicator, Shamanic Practitioner, a Drum Circle Organizer, and a Drum Making Facilitator. Sheilagh is certified as a Reiki Practitioner, Medical Intuitive /Quantum Healer, in Hypnosis, as a Facilitator of Transformative Mindfulness, and as an Advanced Meditation Facilitator. These modalities have helped her personally and become a better art instructor. Throughout her growth in body wisdom, she has realized imagination is everything.



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