Written by Joy Seunarine

What is the most harmful symptom of COVID-19? Lingering cough?  Lingering loss of smell?  Long haulers?  I believe as terrible as the physical symptoms of COVID are, the worst symptom is fear and its sibling, polarization.  I am deeply pained to see how fear comes in like a big monster, furry, brown, and ferocious.  It makes people do crazy things.  I believe there is a healthy concern for protection and safety from COVID but the fear plays up in so many ways, that it is damaging.

  • I know someone who is so fearful of someone coming into the house that she will not get caregivers for her aging parent, or a house cleaner. She is exhausted.
  • I see the panic on the store clerk when my friend has to hold her mask away from her nose because of asthma.
  • I hear the crying down of ‘stupid people who won’t wear a mask
  • I know someone who is still washing all her groceries 18 months after they said it is not transmitted by contact.

The great kindness in these times, I believe, is to just listen to each. When we don’t listen we create isolation. If we push our opinions on others it creates distance; people move away.    As I witness deep division on all sides it seems that only serves to increase isolation and yes, sometimes feelings of abandonment.  Can we look bigger than these circumstances and see that we are all one? Let us live that truth.

I have chosen to keep to my center and in doing so find what is true for me, what I believe is safe for me and for my family.  I am willing to listen to any and everyone on both sides of the fence, for everyone has their story.  I think it is imperative to listen to each other.  The division between friends, family, and co-workers breaks my heart.  Many people have told me that I am one of the few that can listen completely to their side of the story.  That is a gift to each of us. Can we not let each other explore our personal journey, vent and hear each other? The strident nature of demanding that everyone share your point of view hurts us all. You have a right to your opinion. There are massive amounts of information coming at us daily. I believe each tidbit of news holds some truths. We will only know the full story when we cross the pearly gates.  So for now, my ears are open, my mouth is shut. Please share.

About Joy

Joy is a registered massage therapist for over 30 years. She has been teaching people classes on how to Listen to Their Body and the 4 Steps to Joy for 3 years now. She is now integrating all her knowledge and skills to step into this work teaching embodiment practices through coaching programs, classes, and single sessions. Joy is passionate about supporting people to integrate their physical bodies with their spiritual, emotional, and energetic aspects of self.

Joy believes that when we become master gardeners of our internal landscape, everything changes. She offers treatment sessions, coaching sessions, and ongoing coaching programs. Joy offers her compassion, her warmth, and a listening ear to reach out and support you on your journey.

Please reach out if interested. 905-823-0821

Joy contributes to the Wild About Wellness Community online where members passionate about holistic health and wellness come together to share information, educate and contribute for the purpose of learning and growing.