Written by Alison Bastarache

We might think about our mental state as just being our thoughts or state of mind but it’s not as simple as that. The mental state of a person includes perception, pain experience, beliefs, emotions, memory, desire, and intention, to name a few. All of these things contribute to how we connect, communicate, and respond to our life experiences.

Our mental state could be simplified and described as an emotion or condition that influences a person’s thought process at any moment in time. As an energy worker, I recognize that our thoughts play a significant role in creating our reality and that they will affect our health and well-being. Our mental state is controlled by our nervous system.

I am not a trained mental health care worker and I work outside the structure of traditional psychotherapy. The approach and the wisdom I share, come from my own personal experience or experiences I have had with my family, friends, and clients. I only know what I have experienced and I realize the more I learn about mental health the less I know about this condition.

Major significant mental health challenges in my lifetime:

Birth trauma with my second child
The Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis
Leaving my job
The loss of my mother

Most of these events can be linked to change, grief, and pain. I have experienced moderate depression, low energy, and loss of confidence during these times. It can be very challenging to raise your vibration and your mental state or to pull yourself out of a dark place. It is really important to know that there are people and places you can reach out to for help. We should also recognize not everyone can reach out from this state and advocate to help our loved ones move forward.

Tools that I share with clients include Reiki energy sessions, active listening, meditation, and breath work.

If you just need a friendly ear do not hesitate to reach out to me or someone you trust.

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